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Coming soon: New children's book, My Hike in the Forest, published by Muddy Boots!

Properties by Neecy Twinem 

    Neecy Twinem is a fine artist, toy designer, academic professor, and an author/ illustrator of over 31 children’s books published in several languages.  Neecy has been working as a professional illustrator, author, artist and instructor for over 24 years, as well as have given presentations at numerous school, libraries, conventions and conferences across the country. She launched her children’s book career with her first title: Aye-Ayes, Bears and Condors, An ABC of Endangered Animals and Their Babies, published in 1994 by Scientific American Books for Young Readers. In 2010, she developed a brand trademark, ZOMBIEZOO® including the design, manufacturing and release of a plush toy line and book which has attracted international attention.

"Making art is my pilgrimage
to the of pinnacle of play."

Meet Neecy and Boo too!